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People are becoming crazy to play this Clash Royale game

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 | San Tzu | Clash Royale Gems Guide

Nearly 100 million peoples are playing this clash royale game in all over the world and it gets positive feedback from most of the players. This game come up with different strategies and with different situations need to faced by the player. A lot of different reviews from this games are seen everywhere. The extremely intense battles and unique experiences they get from this game are undeniable.

This game is not like a violent type of game and compared to other games with much lower age limit and it is easy to spend more hours on this game and this game is very different from each individuals.

Game resources to hike your levels

This hack offer the players to get clash royale free gems, free gold and they do not have the account verification. Why the hackers offers this features to player because to make the game user friendly and every players win in the match.

The game provides the gold and elixir as mandatory. Gold is used to develop the tower and deck, on the other hand Elixir used for the development of troops in the deck. At every battle we obtain the chests and each chest has the power within it. There some kinds of chest like wooden gold, silver etc and each chest enclosed of surprise power to enrich the troop within it.

The team members can battle with each other friendly and this friendly battle does not disturb the chest of the team members and they can get practice by this friendly battle. If the member of the team was not able to play further then they can give their playing turn to other by giving card to the particular member of the team and this leads to the co-ordination between the members. At the same time they can understand each other as well as help each other.

clash royale gems

The clash royale is the game in which the player can fight with their enemy’s using the cards, gems, gold and chest which are buying from the online store by using their money. In this game they can form a group to fight with opponent players. These give enjoyment to the player and have a great fun while killing the opponent.


For every few seconds a Witch will summon a group of skeletons .In skeletons there is no difference and the Witches are unlocked from the Training camp. The hit speed of a Witch is 0.7 and the speed is a medium.


Guards are one of the best units in Clash Royale game and it can be unlocked from arena 7 and the hit speed for the Guards is 1.2 sec and the speed is fast the cost is 3.

Normal games are boring and creates tired to the players. But this game makes a player in an energetic. Once the players are start to play the Clash royale then they cannot quit because it creates more interesting. It is good entertainment partner in weekly holidays for students and for the official workers to the senior people. So everyone is liked to play this game when they are free.

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